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Welcome to Cuckoo, where we are committed to advancing the development and application of blockchain technology, providing users with secure and efficient blockchain solutions.

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Cuckoo Network governed by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Community members have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the platform's development. With a transparent and democratic governance model, Cuckoo Network aims to create a vibrant and engaged community actively shaping the future of blockchain technology.


William Thompson

Renowned global blockchain application expert, global leader in blockchain technology commercial applications. Authority in the field of global intelligent financial technology applications.

Logan Johnson

Architect, database expert, chief technical expert of exchanges, engaged in database applications, data warehousing, big data, and blockchain development in the trading industry for a long time.

Jonathan Taylor

Has authoritative influence in the development of blockchain underlying technology, covering both academia and the corporate world in his career, is a research scholar, engineer, and leader.

Kaden Aubrey

Participated in the development of multiple cryptocurrency projects, including proof-of-concept platforms, blockchain explorers, online wallets, and one of the largest token mining pools.

Token Economics

Token Name

cuckoo (CK)



Total Supply


Contract Address

Stay tuned!

Ecosystem Development

Supported by a global network of developers, validators, builders, institutions, and partners, Cuckoo explores the fastest-growing ecosystem, pioneering a new world of finance.



Black Panther



Binance Wallet


Technical Roadmap

Phase 1

Incubate CUCKOO network

System Launch

Phase 2

KYC Verification and Audit

Airdrop Distribution

Staking System

Marketing Activities

Phase 3

List token on PancakeSwap and Coingecko

First CEX listing

Develop blockchain mainnet Certik/Hacken audit

More CEX Listings

Phase 4

Launch on mainnet

Establish ecosystem on mainnet

Frequently Asked Questions

CK Coin is the native token of Cuckoo Network, used for transactions, staking, governance participation, and incentivizing network participants.

Cuckoo Network is a decentralized platform based on the BNB network, aiming to provide applications and services of blockchain technology.

Users can obtain CK Coin by inviting more miners to participate in mining.

CK Coin can be used for transactions, staking to earn rewards, participating in network governance voting, and as a general currency within the network.

Users can start mining on the Cuckoo Network and invite more miners to participate to accelerate the mining process and earn CK Coin rewards. Mining rewards are released every 7 days. CK Coin mined can be exchanged and withdrawn within the Cuckoo Network.

Cuckoo Network prioritizes user security and privacy, employing advanced encryption protocols, secure authentication methods, and robust data protection measures to safeguard user funds and personal information.


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